Wyatt Conlon

Otsumami - February 2015

For some, the photos will evoke spatial nostalgia; subtle details foster a sense of attachment and belonging. While others will respond to them as placeless photos, grasping for some special connection to a past place.

There is no there there (Gertrude Stein) - only the common human desire for acceptance and the need to create a sense of place.

Exhibition with Jaybe Lee at Austere in Downtown Los Angeles. 

The Newer New - December 2013

How does one imagine when the solution is provided?

This dependency is a soft cast on a compound fracture.
Buy a unassembled bookshelf and throw away the instructions. What belongs to what?
We could say the images are Anti-New Topographic.
No, the Newer New Topographic.
Because of the amount of imagery the average person sees daily, how would another photo benefit them?
A photo of a liquor store sign that I took may be my photo of that liquor store sign that I took, but to the viewer it is just another photo of a liquor store sign.
New topographic photography functions through informing the viewer of where and what.
This Newer New Topographic tells what, but leaves the where, when, why to be decided by the viewer.
What surrounds the subject? Who surrounds the subject? Though I know what was the photo’s reality, it was only its’ reality when I took the photo.

「より新しいニュー・トポグラフィクス」 ワイアット・コンロン





画像(image)は「反・ニュー・トポグラフィクス」(Anti-New Topographic)であると言うことができます。

またそれは「より新しいニュー・トポグラフィクス」(Newer New Topographic)と言い換えることができると考えます。




また、この「より新しいニュー・トポグラフィクス」(Newer New Topographic)は「なに」を伝えますが、鑑賞者によって決定されるであろう「どこ」「いつ」「なぜ」を取り残します。


Always Already Everything 

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